Florida Crowned Snake

Florida Crowned Snake: (Tantilla relicta)

Florida crowned snakes (tantilla relicta), is a member of the colubridae family. Florida crown snakes are small and  average in size between 4 to 7 inches long, with the record being 9.5 inches.

Florida crowned snakes have very slender and small narrow bodies with smooth scales. They are a very light tan or brown color with a black head, chin and back of the neck, some may not have the black color on the back of the neck, with a light spot on each side of its lower neck. Their heads are small and oval shaped and their pupils are round. Their bellies are a whitish -  yellow color. 

Florida crowned snakes are native to only Florida, found in the central peninsula of Florida.  Florida crowned snakes prefer to inhabit areas such as well drained sand - hills, hammocks, long leaf pine and turkey oak scrubs.

Florida crowned snakes are insectivores, primarily consuming spiders, centipedes, scorpions, beetles, snails and other insects.

The Florida crowned snake is a  secretive borrowing snake that is normally under the ground surface or under leaf litter, rocks or debris,they even use pocket gopher mounds for shelter.  Florida crowned snakes are   completely harmless to humans. A Florida crowned snakes bite is harmless, but always has the risk of a bacterial infection.

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