Florida Red Belly Snake

Florida Red - Belly Snake: (Storeria occipitomaculata)

Florida red- belly snakes (storeria occipitomaculata); also known red - bellied snakes are members of the colubridae family. They average in size between 8 to 12 inches long, with the record being 16 inches long.

Florida red - belly snakes are small and have slender bodies. Their color patterns consist of a grayish - brown, reddish - brown or black. The top of their heads are black. Red belly snakes have very light striping the runs down its back, from four narrow stripes, one broad stripe to a combination of both stripping patterns for a total of five stripes. On the back of there neck is three light spots appearing to merge together, like a band. Their pupils are round and they have a white spot under each eye and on the scales of their upper lip. Their bellies are usually red, but can vary in color, ranging from orange, yellow or a blueish gray color. The young red belly snakes are a grayish color with a light band across the back of its neck.

Florida red - belly snakes are found in the northern peninsula of Florida, to southern Georgia. They inhabit areas such that have damp environments like hardwood hammocks, pine - lands, bogs, marshes, ponds, swamps, and sloughs.
Florida red - belly snakes primarily consume slugs and earthworms.

Florida red - belly snakes are nocturnal, secretive and terrestrial burrowers. They spend most of their day hiding under dense vegetation, like leaf piles, logs, and rocks. It is very rare to see a Florida red - belly snake. Florida red - belly snakes are harmless to humans, although their bite may be harmless, there is always a risk of a bacterial infection. 

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