Glossy Crayfish Snake

Glossy Cray Fish Snake: (Regina rigida rigida)

Glossy cray fish snakes (regina rigida rigida), belongs to the colubridae family. They average in size between 14 to 23 inches long, with the record being 31 inches long.

Glossy cray fish snakes are glossy brown to olive - brown in color, with a faint darker stripe on its back and each side of its body which is barely noticeable. Their lower sides are yellowish - tan in color. Their heads are oval shaped and their pupils are round. Their throats are streaked with brown coloring. Their bellies are yellow or cream color with two rows of black spots.

Glossy cray fish snakes are mainly found in the central peninsula of Florida, northwest into the panhandle of Florida. They are also found north along the Atlantic coast to Virginia. Glossy cray fish snakes inhabit areas such as cypress strands, sloughs, sphagnum bogs, swamps, ditches, wet prairies, creeks and streams.

Glossy cray fish snakes are carnivores. Their primarily diet consists of insects, frogs, salamanders, crayfish, small fish and dragonfly larvae.

Glossy cray fish snakes are described as being very stiff, giving them their nick name the stiff snake. Sometimes they can be found burrowed under logs.They can also be found in water as they are aquatic snakes. Glossy cray fish snakes and their bites are completely harmless to humans, although its bite may be harmless, there is always a risk of a bacterial infection.   

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