Gulf Crayfish Snake

Gulf Crayfish Snake: (Regina rigida sinicola)

Gulf crayfish snakes (regina rigida sinicola), are members of the colubridae family. Their average size is about 20 inches long, with the record being 31.5 inches long.

Gulf crayfish snakes have stout bodies. They are a glossy chocolate brown, there may be a faint darker stripe on each side of its body. The lower sides of its body are yellowish - tan. Their throats have no pattern and are a yellow in color. Their heads are small and oval shaped with a pointed snout and their pupils are round. They have 19 dorsal scale rows at it mid - body.  Their bellies have a yellowish in color with two rows of black spots and a single row near their head and tail. 

Gulf crayfish snakes are found throughout the western panhandle. They are also found in southern Georgia to eastern Texas. Gulf crayfish  snakes prefer to  inhabit areas such as cypress strands, prairies, sloughs, streams, ponds, sphagnum bogs, swamps and ditches.

Gulf crayfish snakes are carnivores, primarily consuming crayfish, small fish, salamanders, frogs, sirens and dragonfly larvae.

Gulf crayfish snakes are mainly nocturnal, although they have been seen crossing a road or in a ditch after heavy rains.Gulf crayfish snakes seem to be more active during the months of March to November. They are also aquatic snakes. They are completely harmless to humans.


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