Rainbow Snake

Rainbow snake: (Farancia erytrogramma erytrogramma)

Rainbow snakes (farancia erytrogramma erytrogramma), are members of the colubridae family. They average in size between 40 to 54 inches long, with the record being 66 inches long.

Rainbow snakes have large, thick bodies. Their coloring mainly consists of a shiny iridescent blue - black with a bright red stripe down the middle and each side of its body, its lower sides have a red or pink color that fades into its red belly, which has black spots, that forms three lines down its belly. Their head is oval shaped, pupils are round and their neck and chin a yellow color. The tip of their tail ends with a pointed, horny scale.  Rainbow snakes have smooth scales, although they do have some keeled scales on their lower sides and back.

Rainbow snakes are found in the northern peninsula and the panhandle of Florida. Their preferred habitats include areas such as streams, cypress swamps, rivers, ponds, marshes and lakes, any environment containing fresh water sources. 

Rainbow snakes primarily consume eels, but also consume frogs, tadpoles, salamanders and fish.

Rainbow snakes are very secretive, aquatic and subterranean. They spend the majority of their life under floating vegetation, or burrowing in moist soils, wet vegetation along the waters edge and sometimes under logs, stone piles, cypress roots or dock pilings. if handled they will press their small pointed tail tip against your hand, for you to release it, as they will not bite. Their tails do not sting or pierce the skin, making them completely harmless to humans, pets and livestock.

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