Sonic Bird Deterrents

Sonic Bird Deterrent

Southern Trappers Nuisance Wildlife Removal knows and understands the damage unwanted birds can cause to your home or business. We are committed in resolving these problems, by using safe, humane and eco-friendly products that are extremely effective and affordable.    

The sonic bird deterrent is designed to be used outdoors or in semi-enclosed areas, making them ideal for warehouses, schools, hospitals, retail centers, parking lots, storage buildings, patios and many other structures.

The sonic bird deterrent has a 4 speaker system that covers an average area of 3,600 square foot, for smaller building and up to 7 acres for larger buildings or areas. 

The sonic bird deterrent uses state of the art technology omitting irritating, alarming and distress ultrasonic noises that intimidate birds to leave and stay away (silent to humans). It repels many birds such as woodpeckers, pigeons, seagulls, grackles, crows, black birds, sparrows,starlings, bats and some small wildlife. Preventing infestations, property damage, the spread of diseases and cleaning
of droppings.
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