Southeastern Crowned Snake

Southeastern Crowned Snake: (Tantilla coronata)

Southeaster crowned snakes (tantilla coronata), are members of the colubridae family. They average in size between 5.25 to 10 inches long, with the record being 13 inches long.

Southeastern crowned snakes have very slender and small narrow bodies with smooth scales. They are tan to a reddish - brown color with a black head, chin. They have a light band on the back of their head and a black band 2 or 3 scales wide on its neck. Their heads are small and oval shaped and their pupils are round. Their bellies vary in color from white to yellow or pinkish. 

Southeastern crowned snakes are found throughout the panhandle of Florida, they are also found in Louisianian to Virgina. Southeastern crowned snakes prefer to inhabit areas such as hardwood hammocks, swamps, pine flat - woods, dry pine forests, and sand - hills. 

Southeastern crowned snakes are insectivores, primarily consuming insect larvae, snails, centipedes, spiders and other insects.

Southeastern crowned snakes are terrestrial burrower, and extremely secretive, is seldom seen, including their preferred habits. They are mainly hiding under rocks, logs, leaf litter and other debris.  Southeastern crowned  snakes are not aggressive when handled. This snake is rear fanged, but poses no danger to humans, pets or livestock because of their small size. They are completely harmless to humans.


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