Striped Crayfish Snake

Striped Cray Fish Snake: (Regina alleni)

Striped cray fish snakes (regina alleni), are members of the colubridae family. They average in size between 14 to 20 inches long, with the record being 26 inches long.

Striped cray fish snake are glossy brown with three faint darker stripes on the center of its back and one on each side of its body which is barely noticeable. Their lower sides are yellowish - tan in color. Their heads are small and oval shaped and their pupils are round. Their bellies are usually yellow, but can be a reddish - orange color with darker smudges or darker rows of spots. 

Striped cray fish snakes are found in southern Georgia and throughout the peninsula and into the eastern panhandle of Florida. Striped cray fish snakes inhabit areas such as cypress strands, saw - grass prairies, swamps, sphagnum bogs, ditches and canals.

Striped cray fish snakes are carnivores, primarily consuming crayfish, shrimp and dragonfly larvae.

Striped cray fish snakes are very secretive and are rarely seen. These snakes are highly aquatic snakes. Striped cray fish snakes swallow their prey alive by using coils of its body to hold the prey.  Striped cray fish snakes are completely harmless to humans

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