“Very very good response time! Very polite. Bonita born and raised. Treated my wife and I with dignity.” -S. Gray – Bonita Springs, FL

“Pam’s marketing abilities are commendable. Her corporate website is the reason I hired Southern Trappers. She created a business website that is easily navigable. She also directed that the site goes one extra step by providing educational content about the wildlife that her family’s company routinely manages on behalf of it’s customers.”-J. Ross – Naples, FL

“Butch did a terrific job for us! Got rid of the “critters” promptly, followed up several times to be sure there were no more, and always came when he said he would, called first, and was extremely nice to work with. I could not give higher praise! Oh – and the price was very fair and reasonable!” – C. Kneeland – Bonita Springs, FL

“Recently, we had a wildlife issue at our home, when a bobcat was terrorizing our cats from outside our lanai screen.  Immediately, we contacted Southern Trappers because of their reputation for local wildlife knowledge & humane capture and release procedures.   They stayed in touch with us daily and within several days, the bobcat was rescued and taken to a very large preserve where he was free to roam.  Thanks to Pam & Butch at Southern Trappers … they truly are THE BEST!” –  Chris & Geoff –  Bonita Springs, FL

“We appreciate the great service you provided to our customer. We will continue to use your professional trapping services.” –  Bonita Springs, FL. –  WCI Communities, Inc. –  J. Polkow

“Thank you for helping us with our nuisance coyote that was walking in our parking lot. Southern Trappers was the only company that quickly to our call and wanted to help us. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.” Lee County Supervisor of Elections. – G. Hinspeter

“My wife and I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Southern Trappers is a professional company that is prompt, dependable, educational, knowledgeable and respectable. You showed great companion to all the animals you removed from our home. We highly recommend and refer your company to our friends and neighbors.” – Estero, FL. – B. & L. Accardi

“I found Southern Trappers to be professional and experienced. Within 4 days they removed 3 armadillos from my property. Great job, I will recommend your company to any one who has an armadillo problem.” Estero, FL. – D. Burke

“Thank you for everything your company did for me.” – Naples, FL. – L. Miller

“Thank you for removing the raccoon and armadillo from my home. You caught and removed them so fast. Your company is very professional and I will recommend you to all my friends.” – Bonita Springs, FL – R. Carrado

“Thank you for removing those raccoons in my attic.” – Bonita Springs, FL. – A. Barker

“It is my distinct pleasure to offer a heartfelt endorsement for Southern Trappers, Pam and Butch, for their part in the return of our indoor, 12 year old cat – Sherlock – after his recent escapade. Unknown to us, Sherlock strayed outside late one Friday evening and was not missed until early Saturday morning. As we live in a gated community, we printed posters which we distributed throughout our section of the community, and our property manager sent an email “blast” to all residents about Sherlock. The company responsible for Sherlock’s micro – chip was notified. All for naught, as by the following Friday Sherlock had still not returned or been seen by any one of our friends and neighbors who were also searching for him.

After contacting Butch and Pam of Southern Trappers on Friday, humane cages were strategically placed around our home the same day. After placing food he would recognize by scent in each cage, I monitored them throughout the night. By 4:30 am Saturday, I could tell the door on  one was closed, and when I opened our front door – I could hear Sherlock inside – hungry and thirsty, but safe and sound.

We’re not sure why Sherlock didn’t come inside our screen door which was left open just for him, but I can say with absolute certainty that I don’t believe we would have him back today without the knowledgeable and swift intervention by Southern Trappers!

Even though their primary business is humane removal of animal pests –  if you are unfortunate enough to lose a pet, don’t hesitate to contact them. They are the best in my book!” – Estero, FL. – Sherlock, and Sherlock’s family.

“As owner of a local pest control business, Blue Sky Solutions, I know it is critical to maintain a reputation of quick response, reliability and conducting business ethically. Whenever my clients have nuisance wildlife issues at their homes or business, I always seek out those businesses which offer the same qualities that my customers expect of me.

For this reason, I can and so recommend Southern Trappers to my customers whenever they have an issue where Southern Trappers can intervene and offer their help. They have always responded quickly and treated my customers with great respect. They are my “go to” business in humane relocation of the pesky critter which can create such big problems for homeowners. They are very knowledgeable, respond quickly and will travel throughout the southwest Florida area to assist homeowners in humane relocation of nuisance wildlife”.  – Estero , FL. – Matt Young, CPO Blue Sky Solutions